ZOUNI Opy (1941-2008) “Arrow”, 1992

Arrow (1992)

The observation of nature, the specific elements of visible reality (the sea, the dessert, the sky, as well as the contemporary environment), space, in general, and how to convey on the picture plane have been the subject of Zouni`s experimentation and investigation for the past thirty years. Using a limited palette together with black and white in combination with horizontal and vertical lines as her sole representational means, she elevates nature to a plane of universal harmony, ruled by the quest for the essence of the idea by way of constant abstraction and simplification. With the help of geometry and calculus, she systematizes her thinking to the point of optical illusion. At the same time, the absence of human life enhances the vastness of infinity. And when in some phase of her work the geometric voids become filled with an infinite number of painterly brushstrokes – flowers, flames, sky, meadows – they are simply the expression of fullness, a sense of peace, and the union of sense and sensibility.