FASIANOS Alekos (1935) “Angel Dressed in White”, 1994

Angel Dressed in White (1994)

Alekos Fasianos` singular painting style, with its clean, simple drawing and unusual colors with their expressive force and symbolic value, contains elements that bear the distinct mark of tradition: ancient Greek, Byzantine, folk, and particularly the figures of the Karaghiozis shadow theater or those of the naive painter Theofilos. His subject matter, whether androgynous human figures full of strength and vigor in occasionally odd positions, sometimes smoking cigarettes and frequently riding bicycles, or still lifes dominated by the blessings of the Greek earth and sea: his favorite watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, fish – is all negotiated in an authentic and intuitive fashion. In Fasianos` work, ordinary everyday events, random poses, spontaneous movements, and commonplaces situations transubstantiate into poetry, into dreams, and the enjoyment of the moment becomes a timeless affair. His strong, velvety pigment and intuitive design can elevate the familiar and simple pleasures into images that invoke the realm of the eternal and the unique. His painting is a depiction of daily life, full of peaceful encounter as well as anarchy. It expresses legitimate passions and hopes as well as the ongoing effort to conquer them. It is the need for every moment and its salvation