GIOLDASIS Dimitris (1897-1993) “Aegean Coast”, 1923

Aegean Coast (1923)

This painting, dated 1923, belongs to a period that was decisive not only for the shaping of Giodasis’ personal aesthetic but also for the development of Greek painting as a whole. By then, the turning of Greek artists towards the modernism of Paris meant an innovation in Greek art. Painters such as Maleas played a leading role in generating acceptance for the new, and Giodasis, a recent graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, entrenched himself in that artist`s milieu. His paintings from 1920 to 1930 bear the strong mark of this influence. Traditional perspective was abandoned for the adoption of an approach to space arranged in flat planes with the subject viewed from above, as frequently encountered in the work of the French Synthetists in Paris. At the same time, however, his adaptation to Greek conditions is evident. Gioldasis replaced the strong colors with monochromatic planes, since the blinding Greek light limits the color range. However, the intensity and translucency of the light makes the line, which defines the forms, the principal expressive means.