KONTOPOULOS Alekos (1904-1976) “A Country”, 1959

A Country

Kontopoulos started out from the classical model, having a purely naturalistic perception of art. He did not adhere to the new artistic ideas. Instead, he was influenced by the high quality art that he studied in the museums of Europe and in the National Archeological Museum in Athens. In 1948, he began moving towards abstraction, a move he completed in the 1950s and, in an increasingly dramatic way as he matured, it expressed his concerns and his pessimism for the future of our world. His work maintains his passion for the art of moderation and the golden mean, which constituted the spiritual base for his avant-garde tendencies. The architectural structure, the balanced elements, and the internal organization are the dominant features by which the primary idea and concept become apparent. Thus, despite the disappearance of the shape within the color, the specific structure remains clear.